Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Turns out there is someone already working on my thesis project. In the Netherlands. These images all come from Waterstudio.nl's website. Click here for an interview, and here for the firm's website. Wow. This is great.

quote from interview:
"Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.nl says that despite our civilization’s history of trying to drain and fight against wet landscapes for the past thousand years, our best move for the future would be to “let water in and even make friends with the water”."

How can I think about these issues differently? What will the integration of floating, water-friendly structures be into the existing urban fabric?
How do you deal with the incremental change of rising sea-levels? What can stay? What should be preserved? What's safe? What needs to be entirely rethought?

Thanks, Nicolette!

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Maris Demosthenes said...

I am going to continue on with my public art theme of comments. :)


They also have interactive fountains. (There is a link at the top of that page.) I think that it is interesting how we are separating the two.

Speaking of water, on a personal note, I finally convinced Zach to get a real Christmas tree. Our living room smells wonderful! I have to vacuum and water it all of the time. I am becoming responsible between the dog and the tree...

Miss you!!!!