Monday, December 15, 2008

image_new orleans proposal

Harvard School of Design project. "Floating on a Sinking City." See link.

(thanks, Cutul)


luke w perry said...

very interesting. i especially like the deposition of houses in a new pattern. while this type of project may be perfect for a studio or thesis type thing, it kind of has to be diconnected from reality. once you go there, and talk to people and see neighborhoods, you can understand how most people wouldn't even consider such an idea or approach. There is something essential in the place and history, not only of the city, but individual neighborhoods, and even individual parcels. but, i guess that is what you are trying to get at. your notion of what you determine will stay and go will be critical and setting up a criteria for that will be essential. in some ways, these kind of creative forays offer a disrespect of the life that is there. at least there, the water will recede....if sea levels rise, they won't have that choice to even consider going back to their neighborhoods, and global warming is a massive disrespect to all the people living near sea level. very good example, though.

Maris Demosthenes said...

Hi Marina (again!)

I found this on the UVa homepage and thought it looked really cool! There is no overt way now to link it to what you are studying for your thesis, but I know that you would be excited too! :)

Come home asap!

luke w perry said...