Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This recent interview by NPR discusses how Sea Level Rise will not treat all coastal cities equally.  The eastern sea-board from North Carolina to Boston is in a more precarious location than the rest of the American East Coast.  American cities like Norfolk are now beginning to consider protection methods, while the UK and the Netherlands have been taking action for the past decade.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

article_hurricane sandy

This article from the Huffington Post discusses recent natural disasters as being systemically caused by global warming.

images_hurricane sandy

Looking at the updates from Hurricane Sandy in New York City, the photographs appear surreal.  Sea Level rise happened in real time and its aftermath to urban life is not yet clear.  This type of flooding seems out of place amongst the Manhattan skyline.  The New York Times has infographics, maps, and images, to depict infrastructure failure and water inundation.  Some of its imagery mimics that of a proposal on this blog from ARO in 2008.

 NYTimes Map 10/30/12

ARO Map 2008

NYTimes Photo 10/30/12
 ARO Rendering 2008