Monday, November 17, 2008

research_houseboats of sausalito

Living on water is not a new phenomena. In particular, people have inhabited houseboats. On a trip to Point Reyes last weekend, I noticed the houseboats I had always been inquisitive about as another potential source for thesis information. The book, Houseboats: Aquatic Architecture of Sausalito by Kathy Shaffer, documents the houseboats I often see from the road. One thing that is particularly interesting about these floating communities is that they came to be largely due to the post WWII housing shortage. Since San Francisco exists largely due to infill, the water already had plotlines anticipating its conversion to land which was sold in mid 1800s.

the top image shows Sausalito and its houseboats. The bottom two images show a particular houseboat and its change in position in accordance with the changing tide.

The houseboats show how inhabitation already exists on the water that is already a hybrid between boat and house. This exists to varying degrees. The reason it began in the Bay was due to a pressing need for housing...which would exist in an eminent flooding condition as well. These houseboats create tight-knit communities.

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