Saturday, November 8, 2008

research_environmental design: water + architecture

These images come from the Environmental Design Journal, on a particular issue that studies the relationship between water and architecture. This resource is valuable as it examines primarily non-western examples of water and architecture. Many of the examples come from Islamic traditions, as this culture values water as it "means life". The Ottoman empire adopted its relationship with water from its exposure to Islamic culture. Water and its treatment in these culture is religious and symbolic.

Show examples of the use of water in India, and the Ottoman Empire. In particular, the treatment of water at multiple scales in Agra becomes interesting. Water exists as a treatment at a larger scale and becomes further investigated at smaller scales. "Six geographical scales of analysis are pertinent for understanding the roles of water in the landscape: a-internal garden water systems; b-the landscape context of individual gardens; c-garden complexes along the Yamuna River corridor; d-the urban water system at agra; e- urban centers along the Yamuna and its tributaries; and f- regional water systems."
Water as network. Water to be manipulated at multiple scales.

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